How to turn 20 minutes in to 4 and a half hours

Just add snow to Dublin roads.

traffic queues

Perhaps it was a mistake to try and drive the Naas Dual-Carriageway, a road known for bad traffic jams in the snow. Unfortunately I didn’t think I had a choice (still not sure).

wide stripe

What I didn’t count on was the number of exits which would be blocked by trucks unable to climb the ramps (due to ice and compressed snow), and four trucks jackknifing (and colliding with each other) at the Rathcoole exit / Junction 4 knocking out the hard shoulder and 3 lanes of traffic.

twisted in snow

In fairness, it was chaos all over the place. Unfortunatenly once you made it on to a motorway, you couldn’t get off.

no exit anymore

I can’t help wondering about people stuck on the M50. Would they get multiple automated charges as their cars were detected (stuck) by the electronic barriers for too long? There might be a story there.

The old rule of “bring your camera everywhere” played well, at least I have a set of photos from the traffic.

take care,
Will Knott

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