23 Sep 2008

Overheard : Market realities

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“Go outside and look at the building you’re in. The concrete in the foundation hasn’t shattered just because the Dow Jones fell a certain number of points.” — Christopher S. Penn write about not panicking about the economy and about the things that should matter in life.

So what does matter? He writes about music, which I’ve written about, and he writes about family and friends. The concrete reminds me of a little party where I met friends from last weekend which I think went well.

At this moment I’m wondering about a one-off opportunity or going to Podcamp Ireland this weekend. Its an either-or and I’m torn.

Which would you choose?
Will Knott

28 Mar 2008

Get to work

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Would you call around to someone’s house and work there? Think of it as a book club for mobile workers. That Mulley Man brought up something interesting in his Fluffy Links (TM or it should be by now), namely Jelly.

Jelly is casual co-working. The site arranges invitations for people to work from a member’s home for the day. The organisers provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of. All the benefits of co-working with fewer facilities? Well it would be nice, but I’m trying not to imagine an open coffee session at someone’s house. But I like the idea.

As for the video below, well I thought about work and recently came across Freemasons Remix of “Work” by Kelly Rowland. Well it fits the subject, but I don’t think I could use a laptop where the video was shot; I’d be dancing. And I’m a bad dancer.

Kelly Rowland – Work (Freemasons Remix)
by Momo59-93

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