These books are part of my childhood, and pretty much sum up the contradiction of pleasure and pain… the pleasure in playing a game, the pain of making the game work.

One of the CoderDojo kids complained that in writing a computer game involved too much writing. And he’s almost right. There is a lot of writing, its called writing code for a reason. Not clicking code, not dragging code; writing. Its a pain in the fingertips, and in the head.

But making these games thought me. I was a bedroom coder. Once I had it working, it would be saved and experimented with. I hacked my own dogfood, well, hacked my own demon dog battles.

The funny thing is, these games are pretty much as retro as you can get. Part of me wants to fire up a Commodore 64 emulator to see how they work. Part of me wants to convert these to Javascript canvas games, even it it runs the potential wrath of the Scholastic authors and publishers.

I want to see old memories run.
I want to hack old memories in to something else.

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25 Jan 2013

Self Help Bookings

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I'll admit that sometimes best intentions don't work out as well as expected.
I joined the LBC, the Loose Bloggers Consortium the idea was that I'd write more.

Then life got in the way. In my case, a new job in a new city.

Well, I'm about to return home*. I have plans, and things to work out (and a new job). But I think I'll have regular time to sit down. Eventually as I don't know my time-table properly and I have at least 3 games to write for the classes I'm mentoring.
But one of my half brain-farted ideas was to write a book.
Or at least a story… so…

I'm wondering if instead of writing the usual "insight based on the topic of the week" if I could get away with writing an essay or a short story with the topic in mind.
And furthermore, string all the stories in to a (semi?) coherent narrative.

I do have the characters in mind, but I didn't have the, well, will to do it.
I can either do these as the usual LBC posts, or pull these off for a different day of the week (I might also re-wind the clock back to the start of January to give me a run up).

Besides, according to some self-help books you need to declare your intentions to do X, that way you can't back away from X.

So, any objections at this attempt to help myself to actually do something unusual?

* It's complicated, but I'm not going to explain personal geography on a system that archives and logs everything I write

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Self Help”.
To find out that the others in the consortium think, check out, …
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Its been a while since I’ve been here.

And how many things have changed.

Will Knott
Bill the Carousel horse

This is a personal blog, just saying. That means, to me, that I blog because I feel like blogging. But when life offers you options that make blogging hard to do, it makes blogging hard to do. Simply put, I’m not too sure what to put here.

Anything that stops the merry-go-round of a need to write will stop it. Part of this is of course that I write on and I’m doing some work for And part of it is that this particular itch hasn’t needed scratching.

I haven’t even been photo-blogging (most of the photos  taken over the last few months were either for relations (and not to be disseminated beyond cousins) or for friends to put on Facebook (usually under their accounts).

But the itch is returning. There will be cross postings (of course) , but expect to see this blog rise up.

Part of it is, its Summer. I feel a little bit better. My life is still in a state where I don’t want to write about it, but I’m looking around more. Feel like writing more. Getting my fngers to write for me anyway.

There will be shuffling. But I think this blog is going around once more.

6 Feb 2009

on not writing

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“The easiest thing to do on Earth is not write.” – William Goldman

5 Mar 2008

Crossing a line

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Haydn Shaughnessy response to Kathy Foley’s posts on the low standards of Irish blogging has me wondering. Wondering if I am indeed “inward looking, technical or incestuous”. Given that in a single sentence I’ve just linked to two Irish bloggers I have to declare guilty on the third count. But then again, surely bloggers of every country are indeed focusing on their countrymen and women.

The inward looking, well I don’t think I do much of that. Do I?

The too technical claim, well I might be able to do something about that. Fústar is looking for writers. Namely, “being the creation of a horror short story (interpreting “horror” however you wish) of no more than 500 words”. So I might call on my “evil” twin brother Ken to put in 500 words of twisting possibilities. 500 words is… not much. I’ve tried, and it’s hard to limit myself to 500. But it’s a challenge.

So, gentle reader, do you think things should get a little twisted and horror-struck around here?

take care,


29 Oct 2007

Talking Shite

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Would you be willing to donate time you already spent, to help give people more time to live?

This is international breast cancer month. It’s why I actually started putting up the pink images here. At the time I joked about what would be done with Bowel Cancer Awareness month. Bowel cancer does not have any glamour to it. We are talking about a part of the body which we tend not to think about until something goes wrong.

Two things occured this week and it sparked an idea. One where I’ll need your help.

I listened to the Podcast Sisters creating a book by re-using your blog (I’m paraphrasing). And I came across Chris Anderson talking about Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers by Mike Banks.
Bank’s book is a series of interviews with bloggers. Sales are presumably going to be based on the fact that everyone likes to see their name in print…

Which is where “Talking Shite” comes from.

A book of Irish bloggers (which means Bloggers in Ireland, from Ireland or about Ireland) by Irish bloggers doing what we do best. Talk and blog (same thing really).
This is about being a patron, not being patronising to a cause.

Would you be willing to donate a blog post for inclusion in a book which would be sold in aid of bowel cancer?

Would you be willing to donate time you already spent, to help give people more time to live? And would you buy the book? And get your friends to buy the book?

Let me know in comments and such?
Will Knott

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12 Mar 2007

Funeral for a friend

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The rookery across from the church exploded in to voice as the mourners left, almost as if discussing his life.

Sorry I missed you Omani, but my mind was elsewhere at the time. I had only heard a few hours before that he died, but without any details.


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